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The Union consists of the Arab national associations or organizations that are specialized in psychology or any of its branches. Any number of organizations can be accepted from the same country as members in the Union, but only one organization shall be nominated as the county’s representative. 


Some organizations or unions may join the Union membership as “affiliate members” the affiliate member is any local, regional or international organization whose members are individuals or national associations, and its objectives are consistent directly or indirectly with the objectives of the Union.  The affiliate member may be invited to attend the General Assembly meeting as an observer without the right to vote.


Annual Membership dues shall be a minimum of Two hundred and fifty (250) US Dollars or its equivalent.

List of National Members​

List of AUPsyS National Members

Below is a list of all Countries with AUPsyS National Members. Click on each name to see some details about National Member National Member leadership and contact information.

Join the Arab Union of Psychological Science


Organizations who wish to obtain the Union’s membership must fill-out a membership application submitted to the Union’s secretary-general, attached with a written approval for the Union’s statute and be committed to its by- laws, along with the organization’s by-laws and its adopted code of ethics, in addition to a list of its members with their qualifications and their specializations, and accompanied with membership fees.

Membership Application for National Member (Arabic).



Membership Application for Affiliate Members (PDF)

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